2018 Annual Snow Day December 8th

Santa Photos & Face Painting at West Portal Plaza

11am – 5pm

See Family photos from the 2017 Holidays


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Photos from Halloween Trick Or Treat on the Street

Wonderful family photos!   By Nano

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  1. Jeffrey Lee, PE

    ‘ ACCESS BUILDING ENTRANCE ‘ -Req’d FORM submission deadline extended.

    The City’s ordinance 51-16, otherwise known as the “Access Building Entrance” program requires all merchants to submit a pre-screening form by the due date. It has been extended to January of 2019 from May 23, 2018. Should you need assistance in completing the forms my services are available by appointment. If your place of business need to complete the “Category Checklist Compliance Form”, I can certify the submission package as one of the accepted entities as a licensed CA civil engineer. Please call for an appointment
    415-322-8268, theswiregroup@gmail.com

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